About Tinderbox

The Tinderbox was created for the sole purpose of allowing anyone to have a bonfire anywhere in the world, whether it's on the back porch on a patio table at home or on a beach in Tahiti after a long day of surfing. The Tinderbox Portable Bonfire goes where you go! It utilizes Canadian organic peat moss for its wicks and FDA- and Kosher-approved soy wax as its fuel source. The Tinderbox and Tinderbox XL are perfect for roasting s'mores, warming up by, and can even serve as an emergency fuel source. Just remember to ONLY use your Tinderbox outside, as it is a fire. Below is a spec list of some other features that should be highlighted!

  • 3-6 hour burn time (altitude + temperature dependent)
  • FDA + Kosher fuel source
  • Versatile (approved for airplane travel domestic + abroad)
  • portable size ( 3.5 pounds & 6 inches squared)
  • Designed in Eastern Kentucky
  • 80% of components support American businesses (small + large)