Is the Tinderbox safe to cook over?

Yes! We only use 100% pure soy wax with no additives, which is in accordance with the FDA. The wax is also kosher certified and our briquettes/wicks are made using heat compressed wood chips/Canadian Peat Moss. We recommend waiting 20 minutes after the flames are lit to start cooking/roasting marshmallows.

Can you travel on planes with the Tinderbox?

Yes! The Tinderbox is approved for TSA travel domestically in the United States and is also safe to travel internationally on planes. Just make sure the Tinderbox is stored upright and in a safe location for carry-on and check-in.

What surfaces are safe to put the Tinderbox on?

The Tinderbox should be placed on a stable, level, non-burnable surface. Wood and glass tables are strictly prohibited unless you use an elevated, non-burnable trivet or stone. Do not burn the Tinderbox when there is less than 1/2 inch of wax at the bottom, as this will make the bottom of the Tinderbox extremely hot!

Note: Furniture damage may result if buyer/user does not follow all safety instructions.

When should I not use the Tinderbox?

The Tinderbox Portable Bonfire is design for outdoor use only and should never be used indoors as it could create a carbon monoxide hazard which can be fatal. Discontinue use if it starts raining or wind exceeds 10 mph. Discard of the Tinderbox if it becomes contaminated with water or other substances.

Warning: Outdoor use only. (Carbon Monoxide Warning)

Who should not use the Tinderbox?

People under the age of 18 are prohibited from using the Tinderbox unless they are under the supervision of a parent/guardian. Those under the influence of drugs/alcohol are prohibited, along with people with physical limitations should not use it unless they have the help of an able-bodied adult.

What can I use the Tinderbox for?

The Tinderbox Portable Bonfire is the best pre-loaded bonfire on the market today! With that being said, the Tinderbox is perfect for trips to the beach, camping, hiking, patio tables, romantic date nights, ambiance, wedding receptions and more! Tag us on socials using the hashtag #MyTinderbox if you have the ideal place to light your Tinderbox!

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